About Cafelido
Berlin- and Toronto-based Cafelido Development is a business development and investment boutique focused on media, consumer brands, venture capital and property. It also supports planet positive initiatives.

Cafelido Development GmbH
MBE Center Postbox 327
Lietzenburger Strasse 53
10719 Berlin, Germany
info [at] cafelido.com

Managing Director: Dr. Niko Waesche
Commercial Register: Amtsgericht Charlottenburg (Berlin)
Register Number: HRB 129643 B
VAT-ID: DE 274057580
LEI: 391200XAY6F6CRT07L34

Inhaltlich Verantwortlich für diese Webseite: Dr. Niko Waesche
Cafelido Dev (Ontario) Ltd.
232 St George St, Unit 5
M5R 2N5, Toronto, Canada
The Cafelido Name
Lido means beach in Italian. The Italophile thinks of a beach area which has been set up for stylish Summer enjoyment with changing facilities, showers and yes, also a café or bar. It is an early 20th century sort of thing. The lido can be on the Adriatic or Mediterranean, or even on a lake. One classic lido, and this office's favourite, is in the Italian part of Switzerland, in Lugano. "The Lido," however, is in Venice.

The name Cafelido was inspired by a now defunct Italian restaurant in the small financial district of Munich in the late nineties. Here, the first generation of Germany's venture capitalists met for cosy lunches, when venture capital was still a cosy industry. Munich, by the way, is gaga about Italy. And that is perfectly understandable.